Rooney Mara Will NOT Be a Part of Taylor Swift’s Squad

Apparently Taylor Swift doesn’t have enough skinny white friends.

Rooney Mara made it clear in OK Magazine that she wants no part of Taylor Swift’s “Squad Goals.” Rooney has turned down several invitations to part with Swift, but Swift just keeps coming back.

An insider said “Rooney doesn’t want to be part of anybody’s entourage, despite Taylor’s incessant string of invitations to party.” Mara even turned down Taylor’s Red, White (emphasis on the white) and blue 4th of July party.

The insider insists that Rooney has no ill feelings towards Swift, but that she’s a private person who doesn’t like hanging out at celebrity parties. “She hangs out with painters and plumbers as much as she does other actors and stars.” Painters AND plumbers? You really are just a normal girl, Rooney. Just like all of us with a film career, a famous sister, and a mom who founded The Steelers and dad who founded the New York Giants.

Hopefully Swift will get the message and leave Rooney alone, though she may be getting desperate for friends after other recent squad snubs.

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Olivia Ackerman
Olivia Ackerman
7 years ago

This is ridiculous and FALSE. All of these rumors going around are not true about Taylor. She would literally NEVER say that…like, ever.

Meredith Palmer
Meredith Palmer
7 years ago

Yeah. This is definitely fake lol. To say Taylor is desperate for friends is insane. Time for “Blemish” to check their facts.