Sofia Vergara Being Sued By Her Own Frozen Embryos. Really. This is Real.

Sofia Vergara is being sued by her frozen embryos. What the f**k is happening?

Sofia and former fiance Nick Loeb tried to have a baby through IVF in 2013. They tried twice and it didn’t take and eventually the couple split up. Apparently, Nick texted Sofia shortly thereafter saying “We still have those 2 frozen babies.”

Loeb, who already tried to sue for custody of the embryos, has now filed a claim listing the embryos themselves as the plaintiffs. “Emma” and “Isabella” are arguing that by being denied the right to live, they have been deprived of the inheritance from the trust that was set up for them.

So, a dude is suing his ex stating that by not having the two babies, though there was no guarantee the embryos would take, those fictional children were denied inheritance? Well, this certainly can’t be about the much less successful ex-fiance trying to get some of Vergara’s millions.

This is a sick thing on many levels. The suit was filed in Louisiana, though neither party lives there, because they have the most lenient rights for embryos. So, despite the fact that an embryo is not a human and is not alive, Louisiana says it’s okay for them to file a lawsuit. My sea monkeys are closer to human than these frozen embryos and if they decide to sue me for wrongful death, I’m fucked.

If this case wins, it also gives pro-life groups some legal proof that life does start at conception, which could make cases against abortion have legal precedent.

Nick Loeb needs to realize there aren’t fully formed babies frozen in a vault somewhere. There’s just sperm and an egg. They already put two of those in Sofia and a baby wasn’t made, so it’s really just a collection of cells. This case is stupid for the sick cash grab it is and horrifying for the potential repercussions.

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