Cindy Brady of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Fired From Radio Show After Anti-Gay Rant

All former child stars are fucked up. I am not surprised.

Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on The Brady Bunch, is now a very angry middle-aged woman that loves Donald Trump and hates gays. And thought that Facebook would be a great venue to gaybash.

Which like, feel however you wanna feel on your own time. Be a shitty person. Go nuts. If you are a media professional that wants to keep getting paid to work in LA, possibly the gayest city on earth, maybe calm down on Facebook.

On December 7th, she cohosted LA Talk Radio’s Two Chicks Talking Politics segment, and talked with openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting. After the show he called her out on Facebook for saying crazy s**t. For example, Olsen believes that Hillary Clinton is causing the Trump Protests (which is false because she’s been hiding in the woods wiping her eyes with $100 bills for the past month). ┬áHe posted on the Bookface:

“I will not listen to or appear on any shows there from this point forward until she’s gone. This isn’t just disagreeing on, say, tax plans or foreign policy. Susan Olsen spreads outrageous misinformation & it is dangerous and unprofessional.”

In response, Olsen called him a “little piece of human waste” on her page, and then essentially turned into a middle-aged cyber bully and hit him with private message after private message full of threats and slurs.

“What a snake in the grass you are you lying piece of s–t too cowardly to confront me in real life so you do it on Facebook. You are the biggest f—-t ass in the world the biggest p–sy! My D–k is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much! What a true piece of s–t you are! Lying f—-t! I hope you meet your karma SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.”

Yeah, so she’s fired now.

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