Tom Arnold Has ‘Watergate Level’ Journalists Working to Get Out Trump N-Word Tapes

Recently, Tom Arnold revealed he had a tape of Donald Trump saying terrible things like the N-word and the C-word.

Since then, people are buzzing about what’ll take to get these tapes out in the public and, prompted by a question from actor Michael Rapaport, Arnold took to Twitter to give answers.

Arnold says that the tapes are difficult to release publicly. At first, he didn’t feel like a man’s private comments should affect his public life, but after Trump started being crazy in his Presidential campaign (criticizing McCain’s POW status, being a huge racist), Arnold started to feel differently.

Then Tom says that “Smart, Watergate level journalists are on top of this” and that everything will be released soon, despite it being a horrible career move for him.

Michael Rapaport later tweeted that he met with Arnold personally and that the tapes are harder to release than he thought, but that they’d keep working to get them out there.

As much as I’m morbidly curious about seeing Donald Trump be 100% terrible on tape, all of this will probably amount to nothing. He can’t be impeached for saying the c-word and everybody already knows that he’s hateful and he got elected anyway.

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