Trey Songz Is Not Popular Enough to Assault Police and Get Away With It

Trey Songz is that singer who sung that one song that you probably forgot. He’s also an idiot.

Last night, he found himself in handcuffs for assaulting a police officer. But he had a perfectly good reason for assaulting the police officer. Songz was performing in Detroit, and when they told him to get off stage because his set was too long, he started throwing s**t. Trey Songz is an eight-year-old.

There is only one person in Detroit who can get away with playing a long set. And he’s not Trey Songz. (He’s Eminem, for those wondering).

How can a Trey Songz set be long anyway? It’s a three-song set. It says so in his name.

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7 years ago

He wouldn’t have been one of the headlining acts if he just had three songs to perform.