Trump Is Time’s Man of the Year, But So Was Hitler

Time magazine named Donald Drumpf the 2016 Person of the Year, but pretty much spent the whole article passive aggressively calling him Hitler and even photographed him like Hitler.

This falls pretty flat. White supremacists literally campaigned for him. The Crackerbarrel Superpac of some New England state was making calls for Drumpf. Comparing him to Hitler is only gonna make their dicks hard. It’s gonna make them think they did a good job.

For another thing they put him on the fucking cover, validating his whole rapey racist deal.

Guess they don’t condemn him enough to not try and cash in off him.

This photoshoot manages to give both Nazis and smug neoliberals with a knowledge of that 1940’s era aesthetic something to be smug about, so f**k it.

Eater executive editor Helen Rosner pointed out how Time shaded him with references, but I’m sure all the Muslims he registers and women who will die because they can’t get access to abortions while suffering from pregnancy complications will love how fucking clever Time is.

Go pat yourselves on the back you fucks.

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Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson
7 years ago

So was Obama (twice) as well as pretty much every US president since Time started. What I’d like to know is when did turn into the “Isadora Teich bitches about Donald Trump” Blog. Seriously, you find a way to shoehorn him into almost every story you write. I realize I don’t visit this site for exceptional journalism but you need to start acting a little more professional if you expect to be taken seriously.

7 years ago

Suck a cock