Val Kilmer Is ‘On His Last Legs’

It doesn’t look like things are getting any better for Val Kilmer. A a month ago he showed up to an event, slurring his words and drooling. Michael Douglas said that Val has throat cancer, which Kilmer has denied.

Sources close to Kilmer said, “he’s on his last legs.” His weight is down to 89-pounds and he’s been using mouth spray to treat dry mouth, which is frequent for throat cancer patients.

This is all sad. Val Kilmer gave us Real Genius. Not to mention Top Gun and Heat. He’s one of the more underappreciated actors of his time. Sure, Batman Forever sucked, but it gave us Kiss From a Rose. So was it really that bad?

Kilmer passing at the end of 2016 will just put a cap on this miserable year.

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Such irresponsible journalism, you should be ashamed of yourself putting stories out like this when you’ve got zero medical grounds for what you are saying or direct contact with the person in question to verify the accuracy of it


You know what really makes this year miserable? Hack journalism. From the media unable to predict brexit and trump (eventhough it was obvious) to people like you, that are basically calling upon someone’s death. You know what, if something does happen to Val, i’m at least partially putting it on you. You put it out into the universe. Why don’t you actually end your life, or at least your professional one and make this year a bit better?


Pathetic journalism speculating someone’s death just to sell sad news of how bad 2016 was!!! Have some shame for your own good.

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