Watch David Bowie Rock Out to George Michael’s Queen Cover During a Rehearsal

So many people have died in 2016 that reading a collective obituary for this whole shitty year would take longer than reading every Harry Potter book straight through.

We lost Alan Rickman, Prince, Leonard Cohen, that chick who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird, and so many other people that both the motherfuckers in the headline of this article are dead. We lost David Bowie in January and George Michael last night, on what semi-ironically proved to be his last Christmas.

Too soon?

At any rate, George Michael was one of the biggest names in pop for years, and unlike most of today’s pop stars, he wasn’t just conventionally attractive and white. He could actually sing.

Check out David Bowie grooving to his cover of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” during a rehearsal for a 1992 tribute performance to Freddy Mercury. It might not look like he’s that into it, but remember kids, David Bowie was English. That head nod is the English equivalent of throwing your bra on stage.

Check it out.

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