Ben Affleck Cut His Sex Scenes From His Own Movie Because He Looked Like ‘A Sick Polar Bear’

The Guy With The Phoenix Tattoo is having a bad time.

2002’s Sexiest Man Alive Ben Affleck has lost his groove apparently. On the press tour for his latest film, Live by Night, he confessed that directing his own sex scenes did not work out for him. Affleck told AP:

“I just try to make myself look as good as possible. I just think, ‘What’s the most flattering sexual aspect of myself?’ and I try to put that in the movie.”

That did not work out for him, as he confessed he ended up cutting all of the sex scenes.

“I had to cut it out, it was that depressing. I looked like a sick polar bear.”

Ouch. Comparing your own on camera game to the devastating affects of global warming? Somebody’s confidence is on thin ice. Maybe he should have pulled a J Law and gotten drunk first.

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