Caitlyn Jenner Biggest Star to Attend Inauguration, The Only Time She’ll Be Called the Biggest Star

Trump has bragged about all the mysterious A-listers that will be attending his inauguration. Unless you’re a big Mormon Tabernacle choir fan, those celebrities have yet to materialize.

Except one. Caitlyn Jenner will be at the inauguration.

Caitlyn received and invite and it was just reported that she said yes and is looking for a date. Caitlyn has been a supporter of Trump all along, saying he’d be a great choice to fight for women and the LGBT community. What Caitlyn bases this assumption on is a mystery, since Trump has only talked about how fuckable or unfuckable women are, or attacked one journalist by claiming she was testy cause she had “blood coming out of her area” and has tried to deport most of the minorities. So, where Caitlyn gets this good will vibe towards ladies and LGBT, I’m not sure.

So, the trans woman everyone hailed as a hero because she had to courage to have a show revolve around her and retain all the profits, might not be the greatest spokesperson for trans or women’s rights after all. Who would have thought that a celebrity who killed someone in a car accident with no punishment wouldn’t be a good role model?

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