Charles Manson on Death’s Door

An insider has told RadarOnline that infamous murderer Charles Manson is on his deathbed.

“It seems there isn’t much doctors could do for him.”

This comes despite reports stating that the 82-year-old was set to undergo intestinal surgery. Manson has been in prison for over fifty years, after orchestrating the Manson Family murders with his death cult in 1969. He most likely would have received the death penalty, had it not been ruled unconstitutional by California in the 70s.

Yeah. This isn’t Texas. You can’t just kill whoever you want.

According to the insider, all there is left to do for Manson is to“stabilize him and wait for him to die.”

Because of the move, he’ll allegedly die behind bars and his alleged son, Matthew Roberts, is desperate to say goodbye.

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John Gillis
John Gillis
6 years ago

The shame of it is this evil POS was warehoused for 46 years at the taxpayers’ expense. Hope he’s off to meet his maker.