Charles Manson Out of Prison and Hospitalized for Really Bad Gas

What if Donald Trump got elected president and Charles Manson got released from prison in the same year? Well, go crawl into your bunker and come out never. The world has ended. Trump IS the president, maybe not your president. And look at this, Charles Manson actually saw the outside world, albeit for a short time.

According to TMZ, Manson was transported out of Corcoran State Prison to a Bakersfield hospital ER. His illness? “Gastrointestinal issues.” Dude had really bad gas or the shits (hello O.J. Simpson). Don’t you hate when you have people go murder a ton of other people AND you have GI issues? Like, OMG!

TMZ doesn’t have any more details to this story, but we did some research with well-placed sources inside the Corcoran State Prison. Sources say Manson has stinky poops. And THEY COME OUT IN THE SHAPE OF SWASTIKAS!!!

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