Charlotte Church Doesn’t Want To Sing At Trump’s Inauguration Either, Proves It With Poop Emojis

We all know that no one wants to dance for Trump on his inauguration day. The Rockettes were almost forced to against their will, the Normons won’t even fucking do it, and Chrissy Teigen publicly tore Trump apart on husband John Legend’s behalf on Twitter.

Trump’s latest rejection comes from singer Charlotte Church, who rejected him with a spectacular tweet full of poop emojis.

Considering bribing people with government positions didn’t work out, The X-Factor UK contestant they tried to bring on said she would only do it if she could sing a protest song about racism, and Moby only said he would do it if Trump released his tax returns, and now Russia is claiming he likes to get pissed on by hookers, stuff is going real great for Mango Mussolini.

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