Chrissy Teigen Doesn’t Take S**t from Twitter Trolls

People need to stop fucking with Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, cause she’ll just make you look like a dick.

After Teigen tweeted about her concerns over Trump’s ban and expressed sympathy for refugees, one Twitter user thought he’d get smart. He said “You have such a hard on for these people, instead of money, to the ACLU, you should let them into your home.”

Wow. Burn. He’s right, any liberal thinking person should just open their homes to the thousands of immigrants that need help. It’s such an easy solution.

But Teigen got right back to him with this tweet.

Teigen’s Mom is an immigrant from Thailand, so she’s literally housing an immigrant as we speak.

The guy tried to delete his comment, but Chrissy took a screenshot, just so he wouldn’t forget this lovely memory.

So, unless you really want a bunch of hate on Twitter, it’s best to leave Chrissy Teigen alone.

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