Conor McGregor Sets His Sights On Horse Racing

Conor McGregor is a two-division champion in the UFC. So, naturally, he’s a bit bored with that whole fighting thing. That’s why he’s decided to take up horse racing.

First off, let’s give credit to NBC. I had no clue they were putting on some horse racing event at the end of the month. But they smartly got one of the top athletes in the world to promote the event, did it in a humorous way, and now have my attention. I’m not going to watch the actual race, unless Conor does jockey, but I’ll watch these videos every week.

As for Conor, I’ll need to see the rest of the series before judging his acting chops. But I will say that he’s already a step ahead of any MMA fighter turned actor because he’s naturally charismatic and is comfortable in his own skin. Gina Carano is too camera shy, Ronda Rousey is uncomfortable talking, Rampage Jackson isn’t as funny as he thinks he is, and that’s pretty much the list.

The UFC should be very worried that Hollywood executives fall in love with what NBC is doing with Conor. With Rousey’s recent loss and likely retirement, Conor is the only cash cow they have left.

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