Constance Wu Doesn’t Think Casey Affleck’s Sexual Harassment Charges Should Be Rewarded with an Oscar

Fresh Off The Boat star Constance Wu is not pleased about Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination.

In 2010, Casey Affleck was sued for sexual harassment by two women who worked on his pretentious prank/mockumentary I’m Not Here. The women accused him of commenting on them sexually all the time, crawling into bed with one of them, manhandling them when they turned down his advances, and asking the cameraman to flash his dick for them on multiple occasions. Affleck denied the claims, but settled with both women out of court.

Just six years later, Affleck has made the critically acclaimed Manchester by the Sea and earned himself an Oscar nomination. Constance Wu thinks this is a disgrace.

Wu has been vocal in the past about the whitewashing of Asian characters in Hollywood and doesn’t mind speaking out for all women this time around. She took to Twitter to express her distaste:

She also included thoughts she had during a longer conversation she had with actor Peter Shinkoda. Though she knows this probably isn’t the best move for her career, she doesn’t care.

Thus far few celebrities have come to back Constance up, but that might be because this is only one horrible news story of a thousand today.

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