Emma Watson and Miles Teller Didn’t Get Hired for ‘La La Land’ for Being Too ‘Demanding’

In case you haven’t heard, La La Land won a bunch of film awards, especially by its leads Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. But Emma Watson and Miles Teller were the ones originally wanted for the Los Angeles musical.

Now Page Six is reporting that Emma and Miles lost the roles because they were too demanding. A source says that Miles Teller was offered $4 million to star, but he wanted $6 million. Emma Watson wouldn’t commit at first but then wanted to have rehearsals in London. “They jumped through hoops to make it work with her, but she just didn’t feel the film was right for her,” said the source.

Other sources claim that Watson’s Beauty and the Beast commitments are what prevented her from doing La La Land. Her wanting to try to make both films at the same time doesn’t seem too “demanding.” Especially since they realized it wouldn’t work, so they parted ways.

Both of these tales don’t sound all that “demanding.” It’s pretty normal for actors to ask for more money or to want locations moved. At the end of the day, the movie ended up with two bigger stars anyway and it’s doubtful that the film would have made any real difference in Teller and Watson’s careers. They just don’t get to go to so many award ceremonies this year.

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Andre Garcia
Andre Garcia

Emma asked for rehersals to be in London and she decided the role wasn’t right for her…that’s it. You know that’s not really a crazy demand.

Andre Garcia
Andre Garcia

Okay, let me make this clear, Emma Watson was doing Beauty and The Beast at the time when she was asked for the role. They were filming Beauty and The Beast in Surrey, England and Emma didn’t want to miss making it, so she said “Hey, you think you guys could come over to London to do the rehearsals?” while she was doing Beauty and The Beast at the same time. Lionsgate obliviously couldn’t go through with it, so she turned it down.


BIGGER STARS??? do you know who Emma Watson is?????

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