Flo Rida Might Perform At Trump’s Inauguration Because He’s In Debt to the IRS

Apple bottom jeans guy? Really?

A source close to Flo Rida is saying that he’s gonna perform at Trump’s inauguration for a cool million. Considering he owed just about a million in taxes in 2014, I can see why. Would you sell out your race and your country to pay off your tax debt to the IRS? Probably.

Considering the list of performers that have turned Trump down is longer than the lines of coke Trump acts like he does before every public appearance, I’m guessing bribing Flo Rida is the best he can do. So far Moby, Charlotte Church, Elton John, Jackie Evancho, The Rockettes, The Dixie Chicks, and The Beach Boys are just a few of the many to tell Mango Mussolini to go f**k himself.

No wonder Trump is so pissed.

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