In an effort to promote his new movie, Taken, But With Jamie Foxx and Not Liam Neeson (the movie is actually called Sleepless), Jamie Foxx got into a fight in West Hollywood.

TMZ reports that a guy from New York was complaining that Foxx and his friends were being too loud. Wait, hold on. A guy FROM NEW YORK complained that Jamie and his friends WERE TOO LOUD. This story is definitely fake and nothing but a promotional tool. After complaining, one of Jamie’s friend was like, “I’m from Oakland,” proud that he’s a bandwagon Warriors fan, I guess. This led to the New York guy jumping at Jamie and ended with Jamie putting him in a chokehold.

Sleepless hits theaters on Friday, so expect to hear about Jamie beating up a gang in LA who complained that Jamie and his friends were listening to their music too loud on Wednesday.