Joel McHale Under Fire for Calling ‘The Bachelor’ ‘A Parade of Unstable Sluts’

What, y’all don’t like the truth?

In a recent interview, Joel McHale, a comic, pop culture critic, and star of CBS sitcom The Great Indoors, did what Joel McHale does and spoke his mind. He had a lot of s**t to talk about The Bachelor.

Honestly, it’s not even talking s**t. It’s just saying logical s**t. After calling the show a ‘parade of unstable sluts’ he went on to say:

“The strange thing is people really do hope they find love under the guise of what is basically a 30-day game show. Which is really, really weird.”

Yeah. It’s totally weird. People got especially mad after he called out the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and I really wonder why any of these people don’t have anything better to do than get pissed off at Joel McHale for stating the obvious.

“No one cares who wins. I don’t care. They have what? Four couples who hooked up after 71 or whatever tries. What’s up with that track record?”

Maybe being rude to contestants to their faces is pretty uncalled for, and fans and past contestants are now mad at Joel McHale, but, again, who cares?

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