Joseph Fiennes Makes an Even More Terrible Looking Michael Jackson Than We Ever Imagined

If you haven’t had enough weirdness in your life with Trump’s press conference and the wide variety of bizarre things happening in the government, here’s another strange thing to add to your day.

We now have the Sky Arts trailer for Urban Myths a comedy series that takes on a bunch of odd celebrity tales and brings them to life. One features Ramsey Snow as Hitler, but the most anticipated is the one that stars Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson.

That’s right! It’s not enough that Tilda Swinton had to play a formerly Asian character, Joseph Fiennes plays a real life black person.

If you thought they’d spend a lot of time getting the makeup right, you were sorely mistaken. Here’s a first glimpse.

Sweet Jesus! How could you make 2001 Michael Jackson look any fucking scarier?! Did they just pick the first fake nose they found and figure that would be good enough? I mean, it’s not like people have a shitload of pictures of Jackson at that age, it’ll be easy to fool the public.

The show does look like a fairly wacky comedy, so that gives it a little wiggle room, but I’m mostly offended by how completely awful that make up is. I mean, really! Did they only have caulk and wall putty on hand that day? Good lord. And why is Brian Cox wearing no makeup to look like Marlon Brando? Stockard Channing makes a great Elizabeth Taylor, that’s one piece of good news.

This has certain piqued our interest, but most our interest in how truly strange this show can get. If this trailer is just a snippet of the weirdness, who knows what we’re in for.

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