Kellyanne Conway’s Stand-Up Routine Sucked So Hard

Considering Donald Trump made it big first as a failed businessman/ scam reality show, it makes sense, and is an alleged rapist who everyone with any kinda class bailed on, it’s fitting that all his advisers are crooked business people/failed comedians.

Kellyanne Conway’s 1998 stand-up routine at annual event ‘D.C’s Funniest Celebrity,’ a benefit for the Child Welfare League of America, is just fucking rough.

As in I have watched two hour horror movies and cringed less than I did watching this, and it’s only about ten minutes long.

While Conway clumsily pokes fun at Newt Gingrich, Monica Lewinsky, and others with all the innate charm of one of those snakes that spits venom in your face, she also makes fun of herself for being a “pundette” who doesn’t say anything but wears a lot of dresses.

Oh, and there’s her musical number, complete with a feather boa.

There have been celebrity deaths funnier than this.

Check it out below.

[H/T The Wrap]

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