Kim Kardashian Robbery May Have Been an Inside Job, Duh

In a story that won’t go away for at least another five years, it appears that the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris may have been an inside job.

It took them this long to figure it out?

From People via French newspaper Le Monde:

One of the suspects works for a limo company that the Kardashian family regularly used during their Paris visits — meaning he was the last person to have chauffeured Kardashian West on the night of the incident.

Several major French networks are reporting that the driver, who is reportedly 27 years old, is among those arrested. While the extent of his involvement remains unclear, French police appear to believe he may have provided the robbers with inside information about the star’s whereabouts.

From Page Six:

Police have confirmed reports that the driver would have known all of Kardashian’s movements – strengthening the theory of an inside job.

But the story gets deeper than that.

The majority of the suspects are reportedly seasoned criminals known by French police, largely for crimes such as armed robberies and drug and counterfeit trafficking. The newspaper also reports that the eldest among those arrested is 72 years old and that three of the suspects are women.

So, they’ve been getting away with armed robberies and drug and counterfeit trafficking for God knows how long, but they test a Kardashian once and that’s the end of their empire? These women really are the most powerful force in the universe.

The good news is that Kim will likely get her engagement ring back because these idiots just tried to pawn it off.

Two brothers, who were among 17 people busted in the theft of more than $10 million in bling from the reality TV star, allegedly disposed of her Lorraine Schwartz ring, officials said.

The unidentified 50-something men, who live in the Parisian suburb of Raincy, were “involved in the diamond trade, and are thought to have handled the stolen jewelry,” a law-enforcement source told the Daily Mail.

And Kim seems to be in good spirits nowadays.

Next time, just take an Uber and tip really well.

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