Kristen Bell Finds ‘Indian Men Irresistible,’ Husband Dax Approves

Dax Shepard is not afraid to introduce his wife to other handsome men.

Kristen Bell of The Good Place admitted that she had a celebrity crush on Riz Ahmed of The Night Of and Rogue One. On Ellen she discussed her affection for the star. “I find Indian men irresistible,” she confessed.

Of course, her husband, Dax Shepard, knows all about this silly little crush and when he saw Riz at the Golden Globe Awards, he took the initiative to introduce the two.

After telling Riz that his wife has a big crush on him, Kristen Bell blurted out “I find you very attractive.”

The two didn’t detail Riz’s reaction, but it was either complete confusion or excitement for the wife swapping event to come.

Dax didn’t disclose his celebrity crush, so we’ll have to see if Kristen is as open about her husband sharing his love with another woman.

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