Kylie and Kendall Jenner Were Shut Out From High Level Golden Globe Parties

Looks like there’s trouble in Kardashian paradise.

After the Golden Globes, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were rejected from almost every afterparty and RadarOnline is reporting that Kylie and Kendall are growing apart and this new party shut out may make it worse. According to a source,

“They both got rejected from all of the other major after-parties, including Weinstein, HBO, Fox and several others…”

Wow, when even Fox rejects you, things really aren’t going well.

“They were both really upset that the only party they could get into was E!…Kendall told her friends that if Kylie was not with her, she would have gotten into any of them!”

Ooh snap! Apparently Kendall likes hanging out with fancy model friends, while Kylie is just obsessed with getting a huge social media following. How could models and someone who takes professional selfies ever get along?

Also according to Radar, Kylie is so fame hungry, it’s separating her from her entire family. Also, she’s pitched a spinoff show about herself multiple times and multiple times E! said no.

It’s doubtful that the Golden Globe parties would have welcomed Kendall Jenner with open arms and only opposed Kylie (unless you needed to be 21 at the parties, then Kendall would have a point). Maybe the world is finally getting sick of the Kardashian/Jenner’s? At least they’ll always have Instagram.

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