Malia Obama ‘Overwhelmed’ With Attention

Honestly, I would be too if I went to The Met in New York to look at some art and everyone was whispering behind my back and sneakily taking pics of me. According, to one onlooker, who spoke with Page Six, that’s exactly what happened when Malia Obama went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sunday.

“A lot of people sneaking pictures,” the insider described. “A lot of people buzzing about it. Walking around, ‘Did you see Malia? Malia Obama’s here!’

Onlookers said she seemed overwhelmed, and who wouldn’t be. Malia has definitely been getting a lot of attention lately, though people will most likely have s**t to say about her and her family forever. She attended the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s Pipeline Protest at the Sundance Film Festival and Miley Cyrus has even endorsed her for president, despite the fact that 18-year-old Malia Obama won’t even start college until the fall.

She’s going to Harvard, of course.

[H/T Vulture, USA Today]

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