Mark Hamill Doing The Lord’s Work By Reading Trump Tweet As The Joker

Donald Drumpf’s tweets are infamously stupid, petty, threatening, and liberally sprinkled with grammar and syntax issues.

His passive aggressive Mean Girls level tweet about his many enemies is pretty classic Drumpf.

Patton Oswalt’s brother, Matt Oswalt, pointed out the both hilarious and deeply sad truth.

So, you know where I’m going with this. Mark Hamill caught wind of it and obviously did a reading of it in The Joker’s voice. It’s brilliant but also really unsettling. That’s our fucking president you guys. Our president shouldn’t sound like a cartoon villain.

Sure, soon most of the people living in this country will have no access to healthcare and Drumpf’s team just dismissed all the people in control of the nuclear arsenal, but at least we get this.

[H/T i09]

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