Mischa Barton Taken for Mental Evaluation

The O.C. wasn’t the same once they killed Marissa. And neither was Mischa Barton.

On Thursday, Mischa Barton was taken to the hospital for mental evaluation after she was seen hanging over her fence and talking about her mom being a witch, the world ending, and Ziggy Stardust. She also fell over the fence and said, “Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!”

This isn’t the first time Mischa has been seen as a danger to herself. In 2009, she was confined under a 5150 by her psychiatrist after a dispute over a tooth infection. She was terrified of needles, she thought the doctors were going to pump her full of drugs, and she freaked out. So, she was held for two weeks to make sure things were fine.

Maybe things aren’t so fine.

As a huge fan of The O.C. (I will fight you if you don’t think it’s a great show), this is all very sad for me. I blame the writers of the show. Had they just kept her alive and let her marry Ryan, everything would have turned out great for her. Ben, Rachel, and Adam made it to the finale and they are all normal. Mischa’s character dies in a car crash and now she’s a crazy person.

Damn you, Josh Schwartz.

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