Missy Elliott Drops Surprise Video in the Dead of Night!

Missy is back! Ever since she stole the show at Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime performance, we’ve all been waiting for a new Missy Elliot track and last night, she dropped one on the sly.

The new video called “I’m Better (featuring Lamb)” has a futuristic kind of theme while the track itself is a bit more minimal than her previous work. It’s evolved from her start in the 90s, but is true to the basic Missy vibe. Plus, the video has girls looking fierce while dancing with yoga balls. That shouldn’t be possible.

Thank you, Missy, for giving us something cool to look at that isn’t just depressing political news.

There’s no word yet if this is the first track of an upcoming album or just a tease, but we’re happy to see Missy back in action either way.

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5 years ago

Love it <3

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