Model Daisy Lowe Prances Around in Her Bikini

Daisy Lowe is the daughter of Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale. She’s the kid from one of his previous relationships with fashion designer Pearl Lowe. What’s funny is that for the first fifteen years, she called some dude┬áBronner Handwerger dad because he porked Pearl and begat Daisy. Or so it seemed. It turned out Pearl had an affair with Gavin and Daisy now calls Gavin dad also. Or pops. Or maybe not at all.

Lowe peaked in 2011 when she went topless for Esquire and bared it all for Playboy, back when they had nudies.

Now, well, now she’s just chillin’ at the beach. It’s what all models do when they don’t work. Which seems like a lot of the time.

This video below is still one of the best contributions she’s made to society. Hit the gallery for her bikini pics.

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