Couple Caught Selling Weed Using Burger King Code Words

I’ve been to New Hampshire. It’s weird. There are no real cities. Walmarts at the feet of beautiful mountain ranges are jampacked with people clearly on meth and guns for sale. Apparently, it’s also the place where a young couple found a way to run a drug ring inside an Epping Burger King.

Yup. Classic New Hampshire.

19-year-old Meagan Dearborn and 20-year-old Garrett “Nasty Boy” Lewis, lovers and D-list drug kingpins, had been selling weed to BK customers who knew to ask for “extra crispy fries.”

Everyone in rural fast food joints is shady as f**k.

The couple were busted by an undercover cop who came asking for those special fries and got an order with a coffee cup of weed on the side.

For one, in these small ass towns like Epping, you can’t even jack off without everyone telling the priest, so how they got away with this for so long is beyond me.

Weed isn’t even a real drug. It gives you night vision. And like, a lot of other super powers definitely, man. Come on, America.

[H/T Uproxx, Image: Flickr/Mike Mozart]

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