Nicolas Cage Showed Up at ‘Caged’: A Movie Marathon of Cage Films

The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX has a yearly event where viewers get to enjoy a marathon of Nicolas Cage movies. Appropriately called Caged, the event was scheduled for its fourth appearance this year and most assumed it would just be another day of watching five Cage movies in a row.

But Nicolas Cage is always full of surprises. After Greg MacLennan, the curator of the event, gave his introduction for the night, Nicolas Cage strolled up to the front of the theater to rapturous applause. Seriously. People went fucking nuts.

So, to celebrate a night of himself, he of course had to read A Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. You know, how most movie marathons start.

Then the night began with a Cage himself picked selection of films. Cage stayed the entire night to enjoy his movies with his fans.

The lineup was:

  • Bangkok Dangerous
  • Joe
  • Bringing Out The Dead
  • Army Of One
  • Lord Of War

In case you didn’t know, Army of One, stars Cage and Russell Brand, as Cage decides to go out and find Osama Bin Laden on his own. Fun!

Whether or not Cage will return for next years gala is unclear. But for those that basked in the glory of Cage, that one night of excitement is way enough to last a lifetime.

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