Nicole Kidman Says We Need To Accept the Election and ‘Support Donald Trump’

Nicole Kidman seems a little blasé about Trump’s election. Perhaps it’s the Botox. But either way, she thinks we should just accept Donald Trump and support him as President.

In an interview with the BBC, Nicole Kidman was asked about her thoughts on the American election. She said she doesn’t usually like to get political and that Trump is now the president so we have to stand behind him.

Immediately after stating we should support our megalomaniacal leader, she said she very strongly supports women’s issues and works for women’s rights and breast cancer research.

So, support the president who doesn’t care if pregnant women can’t get healthcare or who wants to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, but also fight for women’s rights? Thanks, Nicole.

We should try to give our president-elect a chance, but when he does press conferences where he shuts down the media and pays people to clap for him, it’s very hard to be at his side. That doesn’t even take into account the opposite day cabinet he’s putting together. When a president appoints someone who doesn’t believe in and has sued the EPA as the head of EPA, it’s tough to go “Well, he’s the president, it’s all for the best.”

It’s understandable that Nicole Kidman doesn’t want to go deep into politics. It’s not her job. And we’ll see if she’s still so supportive as all her women’s rights work goes down the toilet.

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5 years ago

I only read less than half of this BS article!
No wonder no one comes to this site!

Man in Black
Man in Black
5 years ago
Reply to  BooBooBaby

yet here you are… #faceplant

Bob Frapples
Bob Frapples
5 years ago

“Immediately after stating we should support our megalomaniacal leader”

This is why cunts like you make 30% less than men.

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