Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid Fight Each Other With Boobs and Butts

It’s good to be The Weeknd. Selena Gomez is going out with The Weeknd and was photographed making out with him. The Weeknd used to date Bella Hadid. Bella and Selena sorta know each other, so Selena hitting on The Weeknd breaks the unwritten friend rule.

Now it means war. And every one of us is better for it. Because Instagram boobs and butts of both. Yeaaaaa…

Neither wants to give an inch when it comes to attention, so other then giving interviews, which neither has done, they Instagram themselves wearing skimpy outfits or just towels.

Hadid showed off side boob:

Selena came back with a barely there towel.

I hope The Weeknd makes out with all their friends.

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