Sheen/Cruz 2020, Cause Life Can Always Get Worse

If you felt like Donald Trump is not an insane enough President, wait four years and we might get a Cruz/Sheen ticket!

Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to announce that he’d love to run for President with Ted Cruz in 2020. And he really wants to bring back his “Winning!” catchphrase.

Ted Cruz doesn’t seem enthused about this prospect. After being constantly belittled by Donald Trump, who made fun of his wife and claimed his dad assassinated JFK, then supported Trump at the last second and didn’t even get a seat in the cabinet. Cruz probably doesn’t want to go through that again.

Plus, Cruz isn’t a big fan of Sheen. He tweeted in response to Sheen’s earlier tweet about wanting Donald Trump dead.

But who knows? Maybe Charlie Sheen will be our future Vice President. Or, he’ll find another cause to get behind and try to seek relevancy again. Either way “Winning” is never coming back.

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