Sylvester Stallone Didn’t Get to Sit at the Big Boy Table

During the Golden Globes, Sylvester Stallone was supposed to be seated next to Casey Affleck and Matt Damon at the Manchester by the Sea table. However, when Stallone arrived with his wife Jennifer Flavin during Jimmy Fallon’s opening number, there was only one seat available. This was a problem. And rather embarrassing. Either one of them had to shuffle away like a spurned child from the cool kid’s table or one had to sit on the other’s lap. Neither of these would have been ideal. No one wants to be a bully and we don’t know for how long Flavin could support 70-year-old Stallone’s weight. So everyone decided on the third option. Awkward shuffling of chairs.

Affleck and others tried to scoot around to make room for more chairs which was hard to do because of how tight the arrangement was. It was probably packed so tight Affleck and Damon played accidental footsies the entire night. Eventually, Stallone and Flavin gave up and went to the green room to watch the show behind-the-scenes.

During commercial break, stage hands made more room, but, having already been rejected once, Stallone and Flavin decided to stay in the green room. No one feels good about a pity chair.

According to an insider, Affleck was backstage later on to present and went up to Stallone to apologize even though it wasn’t his fault. Says the source, “Stallone was horrible to him and told him to get out of his face.” Don’t feel bad, Casey, this outburst was most likely to mask the hurt.

Other sources, however, said there was no issue and Stallone wasn’t even mad, bro. “No one from Manchester did anything to offend him; it was just a seating snafu and it was fixed immediately.”

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