Tomi Lahren’s Old Tweets About Her College Party Days: That Is All

For somebody that got famous for saying the kind of s**t your dad’s bitter, aging, divorced friend says while looking bangable, Tomi Lahren had a lot of fun while studying at UNLV.

A lot of nasty liberal slut fun. As in she used her vagina for something other than shoving kids out. Which goes against everything she’s ever said ever, basically. But, how bad are we talking here?


Wow. There’s nothing about being a nazi at all in any of this.

Damn Tomi. Why can’t you go back to being drunk and forget about saying racism isn’t real? Be more like that college girl that got caught snapchatting her topless drunk drive and less like Donald Trump.

Why can’t we have fun Tomi back?

Why has Tomi Lahren gone from fun college girl out to get some to Rush Limbaugh impersonator? Why is the universe so cruel?

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