Witness Says Mariah Carey Was Stumbling, Mumbling, and Screaming at Her Dancers at NYE Performance

Carey’s Countdown Catastrophe has gotten cattier.

After Mariah Carey’s blundering New Year’s Rocking Eve performance, Mariah Carey’s people blamed the producers, the producers blamed Mariah, Mariah tweeted “s**t happens.”

A source who was onstage with Mariah told Radar Online their side of the story. The witness said that she seemed out of it all night. “She kept stumbling and mumbling. I could hear her muttering to herself over and over ‘Why am I here?’”

As for who’s to blame, the witness seems to think it is fully Carey’s fault. “She seemed completely unprepared! It seemed like she should really only blame herself, because she lived up to her diva name…She was arguing like a lunatic with Dick Clark executives. She was screaming at her backup dancers. She kept complaining she was freezing,” the source said. “It was a total war zone!”

Now, some drunk bystander on New Year’s Eve who probably got paid to reveal these disastrous “truths” may not be the most reliable of witnesses. But Radar could have nabbed a pissed backup dancer and the idea of Mariah not wanting to be there seems very believable given the video footage.

Now, we’ll see who gets blamed next in this ongoing saga. If Mariah’s people are smart, they’ll shut up about it and wait for the next shocking Trump tweet to distract from her disaster.

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