Woody Harrelson Owes His Career to Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was going to star in every movie ever. At least, according to Charlie Sheen.

Speaking to KIIS FM’s Kyle And Jackie ‘O:

I turned down White Men Can’t Jump, because I can and then I turned down Indecent Proposal.

Both of those roles with to Woody Harrelson. “Then all my friends said Woody Harrelson should be sending you flowers every day for giving him a career,” said Sheen.

He went on to say that he turned down Top Gun and A Nightmare on Elm Street as well.

As a huge fan of White Men Can’t Jump, it’s tough to imagine Sheen in that role, but he probably would have done well. It’s easy to laugh at Charlie now, but let’s not act like he didn’t bless us with some great roles in the 80’s and 90’s.

Who knows, maybe Charlie will get a part in the White Men Can’t Jump remake. And maybe everyone will come to their senses and put an end to this remake because you shouldn’t mess with perfection.

I can only assume that Charlie is still turning down roles left and right, and that’s the reason why he hasn’t done anything noteworthy on-screen in years.

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