Adriana Lima — ‘The Church is Inside Me’

Adriana Lima is one of the most gorgeous women on the Earth. And she almost wanted to be a nun. What a travesty that would have been. Although she could convert a lot of people with those eyes.

In an interview with Ocean Drive (via Fox News), she had the following to say:

“The church is in me — I always connect,” said the March 2017 Ocean Drive cover girl. “If you’re connected with the divine and always have pure intentions with everything you’re doing, you’re protected by the angels. I’m very spiritual. I believe in nature, I believe in energy, I believe in spirits.”

Lima grew up Roman Catholic and went to church every Sunday, but now the church is just in her, so she doesn’t have to actually go.

Lucky church.

And lucky for us, Lima has no plans of giving up modeling for church. The 35-year-old says she plans to keep walking the runway until she’s at least 40.

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