Ashton Kutcher Blew John McCain a Kiss at Senate Hearing About Child Sex Trafficking

Is Ashton Kutcher even real?

Former host of MTV’s Punk’d, Ashton Kutcher is now the head of Thorn, an organization that uses technology to rescue the child victims of sex trafficking.

Hell yeah, Ashton Kutcher.

But also, what?

Amidst critiques from internet trolls that he should ‘stick to his day job’ because of course people on the internet will attack anyone, even somebody who took it upon himself to try and stop toddlers from getting gang-banged by liver-spotted white CEOs in Thailand, he went to a Senate hearing to give a presentation on modern day child sex slavery across the globe. Kutcher wants to get Congress to do something about it.

Good luck. I bet Trump has his own child rape island somewhere. If the s**t he’s been saying about his own daughters for decades is anything to go by, anyway.

At the end of the testimony, Senator John McCain joked that Kutcher was “better looking in the movies.”

In response, of course, Ashton Kutcher blew him a kiss.

2007 me is mad jealous right now.

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