Beyonce Too Fat to Perform at Full Speed, Opting for Slow Mo at the Grammys

Name pregnant performers who’ve put on a good show. I can’t think of any. Beyonce’s pregnant and if she’s gonna get in formation, it’ll take a few more minutes longer. On the other hand, she’s Queen Bey, so if any pregnant woman can pull of a stunning performance, it’s Beyonce.

TMZ says she’s taking it easy during Sunday’s Grammys. She plans to use a bunch of visual effects and sleight of hand to create the illusion of a regular performance.

There will be an elaborate digital screen onstage, which we’re told will create movement that will cover the slower pace onstage.

And there are other tricks … we’re told there will be cameos during Beyonce’s performance.

One source says Beyonce has made it clear, “She’ll be taking it easier than normal.”

I’ll give you a sneak peek of her performance right now:

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