Beyonce’s Isolated Vocals Prove She Should Have Won All the Grammys

Beyonce’s not going to let being pregnant with twins get in the way of giving an amazing performance at the Grammy’s.

Looking like some kind of sun goddess from another, better dimension, Beyonce used dancers, chairs, and really pointy nails to add to the spectacle of her performance.

But all that doesn’t mean s**t if she can’t sing. And in case you didn’t know, Beyonce is quite good at singing. The isolated vocal track was released today to prove that she sounds just as good live as she does in the studio. It’s a rare day when an isolated track is flattering to the singer (like the other time Mariah Carey performed outside in NYC in the winter), but Beyonce nails it, of course.

No matter what you think of her songs or the fact that she’s seemed to leave hooks and choruses behind, you have to be pretty impressed by that real deal vocal talent.

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