Bono Is a Big Mike Pence Fan

Bono is super proud of Mike Pence. At the Munich Security Conference, Bono, a longtime activist in the fight against AIDS, talked to Pence about the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

“Twice on the House floor you defended that,” Bono said. “That’s how we know you.”

“It was an extraordinary historic accomplishment,” the vice president, who captured the moment for posterity on Twitter, told Bono. “You played a leading role in carrying it forward.”

Sadly, this again goes to show that celebrities are clueless idiots. Had Bono did a bit of research, he would have realized Pence indirectly caused an HIV outbreak after defunding Planned Parenthood leading to their closures in Indiana’s Scott County. Without anywhere to get tested for HIV, this lead to a spike in infections which in turn lead Pence to declare a state of emergency.

Of course, Bono is also an activist for LGBTQ rights. Guess what? He didn’t say anything about that to Pence who has said that gay couples signaled a “societal collapse”, opposed a law that would prohibit discrimination against gays in the workplace, opposed a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’ Tell and rejected the Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathrooms.

Naturally, Twitter had something to say.

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5 years ago

There’s nowhere to get tested for STDs in Scott County? Wow.

robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
5 years ago

Two Globalists, both in the pocket of George Soros.

5 years ago

Everyone knows Bono’s #1 charity is on treating and eliminating AIDS in Africa. He does fundraisers for it at concert stops. Of course he is going to go middle ground with Pence over the support he had for his pet issue. Only an idiot wouldn’t. ENTER:Twitter idiots! Plus, Bono isn’t a scorched Earth dumbass like most millenials raised in the social media world. He knows you actually have to work with people to get things done, not just endlessly protest or pick apart every other stance you don;t agree with the person on. Twitter posters comprise the dumbest segment of… Read more »

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