Brad Pitt Secretly Underwent Drug Treatment

Man, Brad Pitt is having a bad time.

When Angelina Jolie came out claiming Brad Pitt was some kind of abusive drug-addled maniac straight out of The Overlook Hotel, a lot of people were wondering if she was just making it up to try and make sure she got custody of the kids and he couldn’t see them after their divorce.

It’s almost like no one believes anything women say, or something.

Or maybe it’s because the maniac part was found to be false.

At any rate, Brad’s love of pills, alcohol, and weed were allegedly the straw that broke the back of their highly publicized marriage. It looks like Pitt agreed, and even tried to get treated for his substance abuse problems in secret.

He attended a five night $15,000 sober retreat in Santa Monica, California, and has been seen leaving “Narcotics Anonymous” events, which is basically Alcoholics Anonymous for people that love pills.

He’s doing his best to get clean so he can be with his kids again. A source told Radar:

“Brad’s jumped through all the hoops now, he’s gone for child therapy, he’s been cleared by the authorities and the lowest statutory rights he has as a father would be overnight stays with the children.”

Addiction is a bitch. Good luck, Brad Pitt.

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