Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in Totally Real International Love Triangle

Look. Let The Washington Post handle Trump’s ties to Russia or whatever. I’m here to bring you the real important news. S**t so real not even Donald Trump could insist it’s fake.

So, it’s pretty clear that Ivanka Trump wants to ride Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau like the Dodge Challenger from Deathproof.

And it looks like she’s not the only poutine-hound losing their s**t over Justin Trudeau right now. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, who probably has not smiled since 1865, recently was caught having a candlelit dinner with Trudeau and looking almost like she might not be totally miserable.

As far as Angela Merkel is concerned, this is basically a complete declaration of love.

Damn, how deep into politics do I have to get before I get to have a romantic dinner with Justin Trudeau?

Unfortunately for Ivanka and Angela, it looks like Justin Trudeau only has eyes for one man. Somebody wants to put the ‘O’ in ‘Obama. U feel me?

We all know what Justin Trudeau wishes he could feel.


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