Courtney Stodden — Bisexual and ‘Very Single’

Byeeee Doug Hutchinson. The Hollywood fairy tale romance between a once 16-year-old Courtney Stodden and 50-year-old Doug Hutchinson has ended. I know, they were only 34 years apart, how did this not work out???!?

Stodden, now 22, was photographed a few days ago hugging up on some dude on the street. Photogs caught them partying at the Blind Dragon karaoke lounge in Hollywood. Wow, ok. The Blind Dragon.

Now, in an interview with Fox News, she says she’s “very single” and open to dating anyone. Annnnyone. Including *mimics holding breasts* girls.

“I like guys who are funny and you know, successful and girls too! You know, I mean, I’m bi so why not some girls too?”

Stodden hasn’t had a good 2016. She had this breakup with Hutchinson and also a miscarriage. That totally blows. So, this girl needs to enjoy 2017 to the fullest. *mimics holding breasts*

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