Donald Trump Mad At Melissa McCarthy’s ‘SNL’ Take On Sean Spicer Because She’s A Woman

Our president, who reportedly spends most of his day sitting in The White House in his bathrobe watching cable and tweeting as his orange jowls quiver with anger, was really pissed off by Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant take on Press Secretary/Communications Director/Human Footrest Sean Spicer.

Trump was not mad because Spicer was portrayed as an unhinged moron. What really pissed him off was that he was being played by a woman. As we all know, unless Donald Trump is grabbing women by their genitals or telling them how to dress, he pretty much hates them. According to a Trump donor, the spoof really pissed the man off because “he doesn’t like his people to look weak.”


Trump, who spends a lot of time attacking SNL for being mean to him, had nothing to say in defense of Spicer, and might mean that it made Trump so uncomfortable that he couldn’t even bang out some kinda flaccid and misspelled keyboard smash about it on Twitter. Instead he’s just taking it out on Spicer, who literally has no control over it.

How did we let a bunch of hicks install this idiot in The White House?

[H/T Vulture]

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7 years ago

Wow! Your whole article was complete BS….Fake made up Nonsense!
No wonder no one comes to this site!
Bye-bye liars! Pffftt!