Donald Trump Waiting on That ‘Easy D’

Thought he was all about that “easy pee” but alright.

While our courts scramble to figure out if Donald Trump’s impulsive decision to ban Muslims from all of the Middle Eastern countries he doesn’t have business interests in is legal or not, Trump is making history as the first president to complain on Twitter like a wine drunk housewife watching Scandal. Again.

By “easy d” he probably means decision, which I am guessing he just didn’t want to bother misspelling. However, you know that Twitter doesn’t give a f**k. And is always there to tear into anyone.


That’s too real.

Hope they sent male staffers in to do it so Donny doesn’t get aroused and grab their pussies.

Man when Trump starts using the labor of political prisoners and dissenters to build that wall this dude is gonna be first in there. I look forward to shaking his hand for this tweet when we are both breaking rocks.


And you know gay Twitter had some things to say:

Thanks, Gay Twitter.

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