Ed Sheeran And Russell Crowe Are Drinking Buddies

This seems to make almost as much sense as the theory that Liam Neeson and Kristen Stewart were dating, but it is 100% real.

It looks like Ed and Russell met at the 2015 BRIT awards, when Russell presented him with the award for Best British Album of the Year. Ever since they have been hanging out and getting drunk on the reg, according to Sheeran.

“I’ve started hanging out with Russell Crowe because he loves getting drunk and I love getting drunk.”

Nothing can bring a 25 year old singing songwriting hobbit and a super angry middle aged man together quite like getting wasted.

“We don’t get anything from each other, other than just a night out.

“We get an enjoyment of hanging out rather… There is no boost in either of our careers from our association.”

That’s nice. In a world of Taylor Swift, be an Ed Sheeran.

Though, tbh, I would be down for some drinking songs about him getting wasted with Russell Crowe.

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